Poll: When do you learn best?

At school, part of my responsibility as Vice-Principal is to make the schedule for the students.  While making it this year I was plagued with the question of the best time to offer math classes.  When would the students get the most out of the information presented.  Some students seem to work best in the … Continue reading

Review of Math Teacher Tools

Review of Math Teacher Tools

Sometimes, when I am teaching Algebra 1, I come across a few students that need more practice even after assigning all of the problems, worksheets, and everything else that is given with the curriculum.  I like to search the Internet for various worksheets but usually they have some sort of problem with them.  Either the … Continue reading

Poll: How Do You Feel About Math?

In my classroom, I find that a lot of a student’s grade is determined on their attitude about math in general.  If they are anxious and nervous the minute they walk through the door then usually they close their mind to the possibility of them learning math.  Many students shut their brain down and feel … Continue reading

Video Post: Let’s Have Fun!

  Ok, so I will finally admit it!  Math is not necessarily the most fun subject you will take in high school.  BUT, there are ways to make it fun!  I find that showing my students a cute video sometimes jumps starts my class and they may even learn from it.  Imagine that!  In all … Continue reading

iPad Apps in the Classroom

I am very weary of using iPads in my classroom.  Not because I don’t think they are worth it, but because I don’t know of a way to use them as a classroom tool instead of a tool for one individual.  With that said, I am certainly not saying that you can’t use them as … Continue reading

Image Post: Too Much Technology?

  As a high school math teacher, far too often I find that my students are missing essential math skills.  It can be anything from being able to add to fractions to graphing an equation.  Why do they seem to have these problems?  Weren’t they taught arithmetic in elementary school?  From what I can tell, … Continue reading

Generational Differences

Earlier in the semester I wrote about digital natives versus digital immigrants.  I really like the thought of how that would all work, but in fact, it doesn’t exist.  It wouldn’t even really make much sense because the natives of today will be the immigrants of tomorrow.  The whole idea that the students born in … Continue reading

A Commentary on Khan Academy

I found Khan Academy a few years ago when I was taking my math certification subject area test.   I had forgotten how to multiply matrices.  Sounds ridiculous for a math teacher, right?  Well, it was my reality.  Of course, right away, I Googled “multiplication of matrices”.  Sal Khan’s video on this was one of the … Continue reading

To Wikipedia or Not?

I can remember when Wikipedia first came out and our English department had forbidden the use of it by our students.  I didn’t question the new rule and told all of my students the same thing…NO WIKIPEDIA!  I guided the students through research reports in Chemistry and biographies in Math and upheld the rule.  Two … Continue reading