Full Disclosure

I explore a variety of topics at this blog, The Math Classroom.  My blog is hosted at the no cost WordPress domain.

Making a Living

How do I make a living? I am currently working at a private PreK4-12 school in a suburb in Orlando as Vice-prinicpal and Math teacher.  I don’t find it necessary to name my school for the whole world to see, but if you would like to know you may send me a message to tanyawilliams-at-u-dot-boisestate-dot-edu.  I am also a graduate student at Boise State University in the EDTECH department.  I will be finished with my studies in December 2012.

So, you’re a blogger, huh?

Yes, I’m a blogger. Or at least I think I am.  I started this blog in the summer of 2012 as part of a requirement for EDTECH 597. Actually, I always wanted to consider myself a blogger, I just didn’t know what I should blog about. I do not get paid for this blog nor do I post advertisements for products.


Media ties: None
Stocks: None
Religion: Christian.
Politics: I don’t find it wise to discuss politics with friends, colleagues, or the Internet.  I like to keep my views private.

A Few Questions

1. For what other employers (or consulting) have you worked in the last five years?

I have worked for the same school for the past eight years.  I am currently monogamous with my employer but looking for a part time position that will make use of my Master’s in Educational Technology degree.

2. What sort of volunteer work do you do regularly, if any, and for whom? (Please include any public relations, advocacy or advisory board involvement.)

Lately, the only volunteer work I do is for my school.  My children attend the same school so I find it necessary that I spend most of my time where I work and my children go to school.  In the past, I have served as a troop leader for the Girl Scouts.

3. Do you do any work paid or unpaid in politics or government? Have you done any lobbying of governmental bodies?


4. Do you have any financial investments or financial ties that may limit your ability to cover specific topics free of conflict, and if so, what are the topics?


5. Although we don’t regulate the activities of spouses, partners or immediate family members of our contributors, do any of their professional or personal involvements or any of their financial investments or ties make certain topics inappropriate for you, and if so, what are the topics?

No, my husband is a computer programmer.

6. Have you accepted any free trips, junkets or press trips in the last two years? Have you accepted any substantial free merchandise or discounts from people we might cover?


7. Has anything you’ve written later resulted in a published editor’s note or retraction for deliberate falsehood or plagiarism or become the subject of a lawsuit involving allegations of deliberate falsehood? (If yes, please include details about the publication and your role in the article or story. If a lawsuit, please describe the disposition of the case.)


[Note: This page is an adapted version of one completed in Full Disclosure at Around the Corner-MGuhlin.org. It has only been personalized and the text largely remains consistent with the original used by Miguel Guhlin]


3 thoughts on “Full Disclosure

  1. Tanya, a quick, small suggestion. Write your e-mail address at tanyawilliams-at-u.boisestate.edu or even tanyawilliams-at-u-dot-boisestate-dot-edu (or tanyawilliamsu.boisestate.edu or even tanyawilliamsuboisestateedu). That way it won’t be picked up by bots that troll the Internet looking for e-mail addresses to spam.

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