Links for Math Resources

Please take a look at the following links in reference to various math resources.  As a math teacher, I hope you find these useful!

When teaching probability, sometimes it is difficult to get across that you are going to throw a 12 sided die.  This website lets you choose how many sides your die has and actually gives you the chance to roll it.  This could come in handy when teaching younger children about probability.

This site gives the students the opportunity too look up vocabulary words in a virtual glossary.  It not only gives you the definition, but it also gives you a few examples.

This site is a game where you try to get the bunny to his home.  Every time you give a correct answer, he moves closer to his home.  When you give the wrong answer, he moves farther away.  The questions are for middle elementary as they are asking which operation to use when doing a word problem.  You don’t have to actually do the problem.

A scientific calculator on the web!  Pretty neat when you have a student that forgot theirs at home.

This is a great website that offers FREE games to reinforce math skills.  I will be using this in my class in the fall.

Let’s try something different and move over to the iPad.  This blog entry lists the five best apps for Math.

Imagine your students being excited to do math!  This site offers just that!  It is loaded with games and math for pure enjoyment.

Math movies?  Yes, MATH movies!  This would be a great project to do with any of your students.

Let’s play soccer in math class!  Well, not a real soccer game, but a virtual one.  Get some practice in fractions and score a goal or block the other team, get it wrong and the other team scores.  The best part of this site is that you can choose the level of difficulty of fractions you would like to do.

Sometimes, as a teacher, you just need the right thing to say to your student.  This is a great blog where the writer connects math with pop culture.


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