Poll: When do you learn best?

At school, part of my responsibility as Vice-Principal is to make the schedule for the students.  While making it this year I was plagued with the question of the best time to offer math classes.  When would the students get the most out of the information presented.  Some students seem to work best in the morning whereas others seem to work best after lunch.  I am the most fresh in the morning and able to take in information easily.  So when are you able to learn best?   If you had to take a math class, when would you like it offered?



20 thoughts on “Poll: When do you learn best?

  1. I agree with you about being “fresh” in the mornings (and tired in the afternoons). The classes I least enjoyed in college were the evening lectures/labs. Fortunately, I didn’t have many of those.

    • I hated having night classes in college. I remember a Bioethics class that I had that ran on Mondays from 6 pm to 9 pm once a week. I absolutely couldn’t stand going to that class!

  2. I chose in the morning, but I agree with Danica–it needs to be mid-morning because then I would be awake, but not tired from lunch or other classes.

  3. I do better in the morning with math. When I was in college, I took all my math courses first thing in the morning. However, I did take one at night and did well it, but I like math!

  4. I learn best in the morning, but I notice kids (especially teens) are half asleep the first part of the day as they often stay up late (working, on the computer, studying, etc) so I think mid to late morning might work best for them. Maybe…

    • I tend to notice that the elementary kids learn best first thing in the morning. The high school students usually are fully alert by 2nd period. By third period, they are usually complaining that they are hungry! Haha!

  5. If only every kid could have PE first thing in the morning, then math. I think our national test scores would go up!

    • That is a great thought! Maybe a will have an mid-morning snack time. The older kids are starving right before lunch because they don’t wake up early enough to eat breakfast. It is very frustrating.

  6. I put it doesn’t matter because for me, it seems to depend on so many outside factors…did I sleep well, am I feeling well, do I “feel smart” that day…I think I’m a fickle creature. 🙂

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