About me

   My name is Tanya Williams.  I have two children, ages 10 and 6, both girls.  I graduated college with a BS in both Chemistry and Math.  Shortly after graduation, I discovered that teaching was the way I wanted to go!  I began my career as an Algebra 1 teacher in a very large public school.  I knew right away that I wasn’t meant to be there.  The next year, I transferred to a smaller, alternative public school.  At that time, I just knew I found my dream job!  The students I had to work with were mostly students that needed extra love and attention.  Boys often found themselves in gangs and the girls were quite often pregnant.  I knew in my heart, I loved these children and I was there to make a difference.  Unfortunately, two years after I was hired, the county suspended all funding to the alternative program and made the school into an IT magnet program.  It pained me to say goodbye to all of the students that I was helping to nurture.  The next year I decided to take three years off to stay at home with my newly born daughter.  When I decided to go back to work, I immediately knew that the public school system was not for me.  I didn’t like feeling like I was being shuffled around.  I investigated the private sector and found that, again, I found something!  This time around, I chose a job at another small school as a middle school math teacher, dabbled in some high school science, made my mark as a Spanish teacher and eventually got promoted to Vice-Principal.  I am headed into my 9th year at this school and I must say that it is my dream job!


One thought on “About me

  1. How interesting to find someone else involved in both Math and Spanish ed! I will be looking forward to all your posts.

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