A list of my favorite mathematicians

Every year, my Algebra 1 students do a “Happy Meal” project.  They are to construct a happy meal box with a toy on their favorite mathematician.  Every year, I am asked about my favorites.  I have decided to compile a list.  What do you think?  Who are your favorites? Pythagoras of Samos Isaac Newton Rene … Continue reading

SAT Question of the Day

Question of the Day Today’s question of the day is from the geometry category. Click on an answer choice and then click on ‘submit answer’ to see if you got it right!   What is the length of w? 5 7 8   Preview Exam Information Word of the Day Question of the Day Username/E-mail … Continue reading

Full Disclosure

I explore a variety of topics at this blog, The Math Classroom.  My blog is hosted at the no cost WordPress domain. Making a Living How do I make a living? I am currently working at a private PreK4-12 school in a suburb in Orlando as Vice-prinicpal and Math teacher.  I don’t find it necessary … Continue reading

Am I a Digital Immigrant?

After this week’s readings in my EDTECH 597 class, I find that I am asking myself if I am a digital immigrant?  What is that, you ask?  A digital immigrant is a person that was born before 1980.  They, meaning me, was not born into a society with the Internet, computers, iPhones, tablets, and all … Continue reading

Blogging in Math

When I first discovered this class in the catalog for EDTECH, I quickly dismissed it.  I figured, what math teacher is going to be able to use this class.  It will, for sure, be aimed towards English teachers.  When it came time to register for summer classes, I reviewed the catalog again and re-formulated my … Continue reading